Summer Assignments

Students selected to be part of the Bowden Investment Group will be given some assignments to complete during the summer prior to starting the Investment Management class. The first assignment will be to read an investments book. Note that the book assigned will be a popular book on investing and not a textbook. The purpose behind this assignment is to give students some insight in to selecting and analyzing stocks.

Students will also be assigned a group of stocks to track and study during the summer. The stocks assigned will be stocks currently held in the Bowden Investment Fund. The purpose of this assignment is to make certain that, beginning on the first day of classes in the fall semester, the students who are prepared to discuss the stocks that are held in the portfolio. Note that students will continue to track the assigned stocks throughout the year.

The final summer work requirement is to learn the basics of financial statement modeling.  BIG Members will be given access to online training materials used by major investment banking firms.  Students will build a model for one of the companies in the portfolio by applying the lessons from the online training.

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