Benefits of Being a Part of the Bowden Investment Group

Membership in the Bowden Investment Group is about much more than just investment performance. Students who have taken this course have said that participating in the Bowden Investment Group provided the most practical and meaningful educational experience that they had in college. They also indicate that their experience in managing the fund was often the primary topic in interviews and that the class was the most fun course that they have taken.

Students in the Bowden Investment Group are required to make presentations outside of class to groups such as the Advisory Board for the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, the Advisory Council for the Walker College of Business, and the Investment Advisory Committee for the ASU Foundation. In addition to developing analytical skills and critical thinking skills, students have an opportunity to develop their writing and presentation skills.

Participation in the Bowden Investment Group is also about learning to be a professional. Students have an opportunity to learn how to function in a professional environment and are expected conduct themselves as professionals (this includes a dress code requiring business casual or business professional dress for all activities).

Opportunities for TravelPhoto of ringing of the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange
Members of the Bowden Investment Group may have an opportunity to participate in a trip to New York City. During the New York trip students visit Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, visit with security analysts who are covering stocks held in the Bowden Investment Fund, and get to visit some of the popular tourist destinations in New York City. The cost of the trip may be heavily subsidized, depending on the availability of funding.

Students may also have an opportunity to visit investment firms in North Carolina to learn about security analysis and to learn about career opportunities in the region.

Great Challenges and Great Rewards
Being part of the Bowden Investment Group is very rewarding for students, but it is also very challenging. Since the Group manages a real portfolio, a lot of work is involved. Members of the Bowden Investment Group should expect to put more work into the investment management courses than they have for most of the courses that they have taken previously.

Students in the Bowden Investment Group have a fiduciary duty to manage funds of the University. Along with that duty there are responsibilities that are not present in other college courses.

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