The Bowden Investment Fund

The Bowden Investment Fund
The Elbert V. Bowden Student Managed Investment Fund was set up in January 2000 in the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance at Appalachian State University with the dual purpose of providing students with an opportunity to obtain hands-on investment experience and to provide funds to benefit the students and faculty. The money to establish the fund was contributed by alumni, faculty, and other supporters of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance.

Student Responsibilities in Managing the Bowden Investment Funds
Students have complete responsibility for making investment decisions. The faculty advisor’s role is to make certain that the rules of the fund are followed and that students have sufficiently researched a company prior to making a decision. The faculty advisor does not make investment decisions. Students must find companies that they believe to be good investments and prepare analysts’ reports on the companies. Then the students must present the reports to the class and try to convince their colleagues in the class to buy the stocks. In addition, students are responsible for tracking the stocks currently held by the fund and may make recommendations to sell stocks that they believe should not be in the portfolio. Buy/sell decisions are made by a vote of the students in the class. Students are also responsible for monitoring economic conditions, tracking the performance of the portfolio, and maintaining records related to the fund.

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Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Delbert Goff
ASU Box 32058
Room 3066 Peacock Hall
Boone, NC 28608-2089
Phone: (828) 262-6188

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