The Investment Management Courses

Students accepted into the Bowden Investment Group are required to enroll in the investment management courses offered by the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance (FIN 4620, Investment Management I, and FIN 4622, Investment Management II). The classes are a combination of lectures, textbook readings, and hands-on financial analysis. During each semester a significant amount of time is used for students to make presentations of their analyses or to make presentations of other information relevant to the management of the fund. There are exams and quizzes in the courses; however, a significant portion of the course grade is based on presentations, analyst’s reports, and participation.

The primary focus of the coursework is to learn how to conduct fundamental financial analysis on companies. Students conduct in-depth analysis considering all relevant information including economic conditions, the industry, company strategy, and the company’s financial statements. Students then use this information to value the company stock and make a recommendation regarding whether the stock is a worthwhile investment. The skills developed during this process are applicable in a wide range of finance-related careers including investment banking, security analysis, portfolio management, wealth management, financial consulting, and commercial lending. Recruiters frequently comment that the students in the
BIG gain skills that give them a significant advantage as they begin their careers.

Substantial emphasis is also placed on developing Bowden Investment Group Members into finance professionals. This effort includes development of skills that will benefit students as they enter the workforce. The skills covered include making professional presentations, business etiquette, business communications, and teamwork.

Members of the Bowden Investment Group are required to take both FIN 4620 and FIN 4622. These courses comprise a two-course sequence. Students accepted into the Bowden Investment Group must enroll in FIN 4620 during the fall semester and then enroll in FIN 4622 during the following spring semester. Students will not receive a grade for FIN 4620 until they have completed FIN 4622 (i.e., at the end of the spring semester grades for both courses will be given). This two-semester arrangement gives more continuity to the management of the fund and gives students a longer-term perspective than can be achieved during a single semester.

Participating in the Bowden Investment Group requires a high level of dedication by group members. The work load for the courses is substantially heavier than other finance courses and a high level of performance is expected of all students.

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